How to Keep Amazon Music after Free Trial

When it comes to streaming music services, most music lovers will mention Amazon Music. Known as one of the top three streaming services in the world, Amazon Music's vast library and impeccable audio quality make it a favorite among music enthusiasts. But what if you're not ready to subscribe just yet? Don't worry, you can sign up for free and get a 30-day(3-4 Months Limited-time some days) free trial.

keep amazon music after free trial

During the free trial period, you can enjoy all the features that are only available to Amazon Music Unlimited members - play the entire Amazon Music library, offline listening and unlimited skips, enjoy newly released playlists or stations, on all Amazon Music-enabled devices Play music, etc. After the trial period, the subscription will auto-renew at $9.99/month ($7.99/month for Prime members). Of course, you can cancel at any time. But it also left many users wondering: what happens when you cancel your Amazon subscription? Are Amazon Music Downloads Going Away? Or is there a shortcut to keep Amazon Music after the free trial? Don't worry, here we will show you the best and most effective solution.

Part 1: How to Get a Free Trial on Amazon Music

The Amazon Music free trial is only available to new Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers. Here are two ways you can get free access to Amazon Music.

1. All you have to do is buy eligible products or register for subscriptions like Prime, Kindle Unlimited, or Prime Video Channel by accessing Alternatively, register your eligible devices on the Alexa app for easy access. Afterward, you will receive an email with a promotional offer that grants you access to an Amazon Music free trial. Enable it and the Amazon Music Unlimited Individual Plan will be automatically applied to your account for free. Please make sure to redeem within 30 days of receiving the email.

2. You can also visit directly, you will see a blue banner at the bottom of the website home page, click "Listen Free", and then enter the card information you used to pay, you can get a 30-day Try it for free.

Once the trial is activated, you'll be able to enjoy ad-free podcasts, playlists, unlimited skips, and offline listening!

Notice: Free use is for personal plans only! The family plan, couple plan, student plan, and Annual plans will not be available.

Part 2: Do Amazon Music Downloads Expire After Free Trial Ends?

When you get an Amazon Music free trial, you get access to all the features of the service for a limited time. But what you need to know is that if you cancel the auto-renewal subscription during the free trial period, it will automatically become the free version of Amazon Music Unlimited after the expiration.

In other words, after the free trial period ends, all your collection of Amazon Music tracks, playlists, albums, or podcasts will not be playable. At the same time, you will no longer be able to enjoy any membership features, including downloading songs from Amazon Music. Unfortunately, your Amazon Music downloads will expire after the free trial ends.

Part 3: Can I Keep Amazon Music After Free Trial?

Even if you become an Amazon Music Unlimited subscriber and download songs from Amazon Music, you don't own the songs. It is because all downloaded songs are just saved as cache files, not playable music files. So, if you want to keep accessing Amazon Music Downloads, you need to keep your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription active.

However, that's not the end of this article! If you still want to keep your Amazon Music downloads after the free trial ends, then BotoNote Amazon Music Converter will help you. BotoNote Amazon Music Converter is a clean and safe Amazon Music Converter, which can help you convert Amazon songs to MP3/AAC/FLAC/ALAC/WAV/AIFF format at 10X faster speed, and preserve the original sound quality of the songs as well as editable ID3 tags. At the same time, all downloaded songs will be saved locally on your computer, and you can transfer them to mobile devices such as MP3 players, SD cards, and USB drives so that you can enjoy Amazon music services offline more conveniently! With the help of BotoNote, as long as your Amazon Music free trial is not over, you can download your favorite Amazon Music to your computer locally.

amazon music converter
BotoNote iMazone Music Converter

BotoNote iMazone Music Converter is a one-click solution for you to download songs, albums, and playlists from Amazon Music.

BotoNote Amazon Music Converter is highly compatible with both Windows and Mac systems, you just need to make sure you install the correct version on your computer and make sure your free trial is still valid before downloading.

Step 1 Run the BotoNote Amazon Music Converter on your computer and tap the Open Amazon Music Web Player button.

open amazon music web player

Step 2 Log in with your Amazon Music account by clicking the Sign In button.

Log In to Amazon Music

Step 3 Click a playlist, or enter keywords in the search box to search for the songs you want to download, and click the Add to list button to select the songs you want to download.

add amazon music to download

If you want to download multiple playlists at once, just click the Save to list button and open another playlist to choose the want-downloaded songs.

download multiple playlists of amazon music

Step 4 Before converting the songs, click the Settings button in order to customize the output format, bit rate, sample rate, etc.

customize the Output Format

Step 5 Then click the Convert Now button.

downloading amazon music to computer

Step 6 If you want to check the downloaded songs, just click the History button. After your favorite Amazon Music is downloaded to computer, you can listen to them offline and wherever you are.

check the well-downloaded amazon music

Now, you can keep the Amazon Music downloads forever after the free trial.


It's almost a no-brainer that after the free trial ends that if you choose not to renew, all Amazon Music downloads will expire. More importantly, Amazon Music is a streaming service, and all downloads are simply saved as cache files. Therefore, whether you are a subscription user or a free user, you cannot download music files that can be played on your local computer.

In order to make Amazon Downloads permanently playable, all you need to do is download Amazon songs to your computer locally during the trial period. So it will be a good choice to use BotoNote Amazon Music Converter, which can help you download songs from Amazon Music to your local computer so that you can enjoy them offline anytime!

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